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DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) is the Dutch government’s executive agency for education. DUO finances and informs participants in education and educational institutions, and organizes exams. DUO serves as an expert link between students, universities, policy makers and local authorities, and operates the official Dutch Diploma register. Being the founder of the Groningen Declaration, DUO is involved in projects to bring the Groningen Declaration into practice.

荷兰学生信息存储与认证机构 (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) 是荷兰威尼斯开户官网网址政府机关的执行机构,主要负责资助和通知从事教育工作的个人和单位,并组织考试。DUO 作为学生,院校,决策者和当地政府之间的桥梁,负责将荷兰官方学历文凭数据登记备案。此外,DUO还创立并执行格罗宁根宣言组织。